Austin Stubbs

Austin Stubbs is a highly regarded coaching educator with an extensive background in the AFL industry.

ARTICLE: Austin Stubbs: Shaping AFL Coaching Strategies

Holding a Level 3 Accreditation. Austin has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience from his roles in both the AFL and VFL competitions, particularly in the areas of analytics and coaching.

With a keen understanding of skill acquisition, football analytics and coaching development. Austin has had the privilege of collaborating with prominent senior AFL coaches. From grassroots community football right through to the pinnacle of professional AFL. These collaborations have enriched his perspective and contributed to his well-rounded expertise.

At the helm of AFHP Coaching, Austin functions as the driving force behind a mission dedicated to the continuous professional growth and education of AFL coaches across various levels. His unwavering commitment to the game and passion for elevating coaching capabilities. Have established him as an invaluable asset to the AFL community.

In addition to his consulting and resource design endeavours. Austin extends his impact through bespoke online courses tailored for the AFL industry.

The programs not only reflect Austin’s dedication to coach development but also provide coaches with the tools they need to excel in the dynamic world of AFL.

Austin Stubbs continues to be a respected educator in the AFL industry, contributing significantly to the growth and success of coaches at every level.

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