Austin Stubbs: Shaping AFL Coaching Strategies

Meet Austin Stubbs, who followed Hawthorn growing up as a kid and is now an avid Australian Rules Football supporter.
The visionary force shaping our AFL coaching courses.
Austin’s work is more than a profession; it’s an intellectual journey.

He is driven by the challenge of crafting courses that don’t just impart knowledge but provide practical tools for immediate application in the workplace.

In 2019, Austin completed all of the courses AFL SportsReady had to offer at the time. Throughout these courses, his experiences and further education were documented as valuable learnings to reflect on and use as a resource for future work.

During this process, he found joy in the ongoing commitment to learning from others and aimed to apply these learnings to help those who have been in the same position.

“I believe in sharing the best ideas with everyone involved. The goal is to leave participants with not just knowledge but a toolkit for success in their coaching endeavours.”

In the dynamic world of AFL, Austin’s adaptability is a standout feature. Recently taking over the “Designing Young AFL Development Programs” course. This course presented a unique challenge, requiring the content to be universally relevant across metropolitan, country and remote Australia.

Austin aims to successfully bridge gaps, ensuring that all course material resonates with diverse audiences nationwide. His commitment is unwavering, in his endeavour to generate suitable content or tailor courses to specific participants’ needs, he rings every participant to learn about them and what they hope to achieve.

“After completing courses in 2019, I documented my learnings not just for personal reflection but with the intent to support others facing similar challenges in their coaching journeys,” adds Austin.

To stay on the cutting edge of AFL coaching, Austin immerses himself regularly immersed within industry insights. This commitment ensures his courses remain relevant and up-to-date, reflecting the dynamic nature of the sport.

“Feedback is not just a formality. It helps guide course improvements. My goal is to exceed participants’ expectations, leaving them with more learnings than they anticipated.”

Austin believes in crafting engaging courses by creating opportunities for interaction, questions, problem-solving, and small group activities. This fosters engagement and ensures effectiveness in the learning process.

When participants enrol, they fill in a questionnaire regarding their challenges and what they want to get from the course. After reading each response he caters for the content that will be most relevant to the group. If there are major gaps, he’ll share valuable insights that cater for people specifically as he doesn’t have a shortage of content. 

Provided in both of Austin’s courses Designing & Analysing AFL Game Plans and Designing Game Sense Drills Using Skill Acquisition Coaching Methods, he caters the content to either design drills or provide strategic solutions in game plans for the participant’s needs. The group will analyse the pros and cons of specific strategies for Attack, Defence, Contest & Stoppages and then study how they can teach and implement strategies for these phases into their training using skill acquisition.

The impact of Austin’s courses extends beyond the virtual classroom. Multiple participants have gone on to coach in prominent AFL leagues, our participants have gone on to coach AFL/AFLW/VFL/VFLW & Coates Hire league clubs. This is a testament to the significant influence of Austin’s teachings on their careers.

Balancing the depth and breadth of content is crucial for Austin. He tailors course content based on participants’ needs, ensuring it is both comprehensive and relevant to diverse backgrounds.

“I provide tools that empower participants to make an immediate impact in their professional arenas,”

His teaching methods are diverse, catering to different learning preferences and skill levels. Through visual examples, reading materials and interactive activities, Austin ensures his courses are accessible to a wide range of learners.

Consistently updating his courses reflects Austin’s commitment to staying part of industry trends and meeting participants’ evolving needs. Collaboration is key in his courses, with participants allocated into groups to share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.

As for Austin’s favourite AFL ground, it’s not just any stadium; it’s Bridgewater Football Club, a place he calls home.

Embark on a learning journey with Austin Stubbs, and gain unparalleled insights into the world of AFL coaching. His commitment to excellence, adaptability and passion for sharing knowledge make him a distinguished presenter ready to guide you to success in Australian Rules Football.

Austin facilitates four of our course offerings:

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