Sports Leadership & Management MBA Pathway Certificate

Overview – 
The Sports Leadership & Management MBA Pathway Certificate is a three-year high-level bespoke Certificate that aims to prepare people working in the sports industry (staff, coaches, umpires and athletes) with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure they thrive during their time within the sports system and in their future careers.

The Sports Leadership & Management MBA Pathway Certificate is delivered via an innovative online platform with small group tutorial support and tailored assessments designed to meet the needs of the sports industry. The course is designed to build in intensity, duration and academic rigour gradually over the 3 years to take participants to a level that they can move directly to a Graduate Certificate and then onto an MBA program, bypassing the need to undertake an undergraduate degree.

University pathway

Upon completion of all three years, students will have provisional entry into the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at Torrens University which in turn gives four subject credits into the MBA program. The Graduate Certificate (Business Administration) is a postgraduate course (ie higher than a Bachelor’s Degree) and comprises four subjects:

  • Business Environment
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Business Communications

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